Event Security

Event Security & Stewards 

If you are planning a large event, you are legally required to ensure the visiting crowd are safe during it. This includes implementing such measures as crowd control and stewarding. At BWH Group we specialise in these types of security services and can provide support to you at your event with our wealth of expertise.  

We hold knowledge regarding all event safety laws and make running the event much easier for the organiser. Our goal is to remove the burden of crowd management from your list of things to do and give you the chance to focus on other areas of the event.

Event security is a dynamic and agile requirement. With our approach we are perfectly capable of handling such requirements and can ensure your event is as safe as possible by incorporating strict compliance with your legal obligations.  

Prior to the security we’ll work closely with you to find a tailored solution that suits your specific needs. We offer many specialist event security plans and will make sure you are satisfied with the result of planning before moving forward.  

When running a large-scale event, it is vital that legal obligations are followed at all times. With our fully screened and vetted security guards, we will run the event in accordance with such conditions. All guards are licensed under SIA regulations, so you can rest knowing the crowds are in safe hands.  

Whether such an event you’re planning may be a concert, festival, sporting or agricultural show, our crowd control and stewarding services are a perfect fit for all. We are determined and promise to provide optimum safety levels for staff and visitors and can supply a range of security equipment if needed. Security equipment can include crowd barriers, temporary fencing and cable ramps; all of which can be provided alongside our highly trained stewards and security.

With our wealth of experience providing security services for events across Surrey, London and the UK, we’re confident we can be at your location as soon as possible. Whatever the event, we’ll do our utmost to make sure your staff and visitors can feel safe and secure.

Simply get in touch with our team of professionals at BWH Group today for more information.