Door Supervisors

Door security is a vital part of any public event. Not only does it help you represent the host in a positive light, but also allow the attendees and workers to feel they are in safe hands. 

When it comes to BWH Group’s late night licenced leisure division, we can cater for large and small venues right across London and the South East of England. Providing SIA Licensed Door Supervisors and pit crew to a variety of venues from bars and clubs through to live music venues; including festivals.

BWH Group is an established company with years’ worth of experience. Our company is regularly supplying door supervisors to the late night leisure industry and works exceptionally hard to keep the public safe. This includes across the locations of Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire and many more of the surrounding areas.

During these years the industry has also gone through substantial legal changes and BWH Group has always adapted to those changes with its flexible and proactive approach. All of BWH Group’s door supervisors and pit crew are fully trained and licensed in accordance with the ‘Private Security Industry Act 2001’. As such our event security will do their utmost to make sure all aspects of the security services are carried out effectively for your peace of mind.

New client. New Venue. New Experiences.

Every client and venue is different. This reason is why for every new client and/or venue that BWH Group acquires, we carry out a venue assessment with the client to ensure we are aware of specific aspects that could affect security.

Analysis of the venue includes a complete venue risk assessment to identify problem areas within the venue that need to be addressed. From this assessment individual venue training and site specific rules can be drawn up; including ejection policy, drugs policy etc, for door supervisors to agree to and sign.

With the client, Assist will also put together relevant documentation outlining the clear understanding of roles and responsibilities, list of communications, contingencies and major incident plans.