Dog Handlers

General Purpose dog handlers

BWH Group provides professional guard dog security services, we operate a nationwide service, managing the security aspect for companies big and small, our trained guard dog handlers, wear body worn cameras, with GPS and live view. We monitor your security service delivery so you don't have to worry about your site.

 Are you thinking about hiring a company to provide you with security guard dog services. If this is the case then it is likely that you have a security scenario where you require a higher deterent and more vigilance than a standard manned guarding solution. As you know a dog handler with trained dog, will resolve most, but not all situation where a security guard maybe effective


Detection dogs


Our Proactive Drug Detection Dogs detect the presence of drugs or explosives by searching cars, buildings, schools, factories, aircraft and ships. Commanded by the handler, the dog indicates the presence of drugs or explosives by giving a passive signal, normally a sit or a 'stand and stare'. 

Our Passive Drug Detection Dogs scan people entering work places, nightclubs, festivals, airports and many other environments. Worked on a lead by the handler, our dogs make no contact with the people they scan. If drugs are detected on a person, the dog will sit in front of them, giving grounds for a security officer or police officer to conduct a search for unlawful possession of drugs



  •        A guard with a dog costs significantly less to hire than two guards
  •        A security dog's hearing is four times more sensitive than a human's
  •        A security dog's sense of smell is accurate enough to detect drugs and explosives
  •        A security dog is always alert and can run up to 45 miles mph
  •        A security dog is scarier and therefore more of a deterrent than a normal security guard