Many commercial, residential, or private buildings have shared or communal areas that need to be kept clean. Often it isn’t clear who's responsible for maintaining these areas. Sometimes random people pitch in or come to a shared agreement, but sometimes nobody takes responsibility and that's when areas can become dirty or untidy and spoil the ambiance for everyone.

At BWH we have years of experience in providing cleaning services for shared or public areas within buildings from Dentists to Theme Parks.  We provide a wide array of services to suit you including sweeping and mopping floors or stairs, regular vacuuming, stain removal, carpet cleaning, washing walls, pressure washing, helping to maintain hard flooring and window cleaning.

Do you need this service?

In answering this question we recommend putting yourself in your visitors shoes.  If you were visiting what would you expect, and are you currently meeting that expectation. Some of the most common public area cleaning that we carry out includes working with commercial public attractions and the restaurant and catering industry.  Our main customers normally want access paths and car parks kept free from litter and cleaned regularly, shared entrances, lobbies and staircases kept clean and shiny and shared public areas to be kept clean.

Regular Contract or Ad-hoc?

That’s entirely up to you. We’ll work with whatever schedule you prefer, but given the nature of this type of work and the areas being cleaned, a regular schedule is always the most successful and the best long-term solution.