Graffiti over the years has always had that one question. Is it a work of art? At BWH Cleaning Group we know the difference and can provide specialised graffiti removal services whenever you need them. We know that there are some sensitive cases when you'll need us to respond quickly to remove graffiti. Whether that is due to a brand new company opening or review of your business, we can help.

First impressions matter and graffiti can cause a negative impression on those you employ or clients who choose your service. This can be especially true if the was motivated by a vandalism.

Due to the creation of graffiti being created by canned spray paints, this can make it difficult to remove without the right tools. That is why we use the highest-quality equipment to remove such elements as:

·      Paints

·      Chalks

·      Pen marks including markers, ball point pens, etc.

·      Waxy substances

·      Adhesive labels

and much more.

We take pride in our fast response, professional staff and expertise. These are the main reasons many of our clients return for our specialised cleaning service.

Our staff is extensively trained to remove graffiti with special chemicals and techniques, ensuring that no unwanted marks or blemishes remain on the surfaces. We provide a cost effective and hassle-free option to remove graffiti and restore your surfaces to their former glory.