The damage a fire inflicts on homes and businesses can be devastating and can leave them unusable and uninhabitable.

The immediate damage caused by fire can be devastating although often the less visual effects can be just as distressing such as soot odour, health problems and corrosion. It's extremely important that fire damage is cleaned up as soon as possible as failure to do so can lead to further damage.

Fire Restoration:

We use compressed air and a blasting pot filled with an abrasive (for fire damage restoration this will often be bicarbonate of soda) that is forced out of a hose onto a surface removing the soot particles. The process is abrasive as it needs to remove the top layer of the surface, however it is not aggressive and can be used on virtually any material.



  • Operationally safe and will not damage glass or chrome

  • Eco friendly, non-toxic and non hazardous to the environment

  • No aggressive or corrosive chemicals

  • Abrasives can be altered to suit a range of different service types or specialist environments

  • Can be used on glass, wood, metal, brick and most stone surfaces (including soft stone surfaces)


When a fire occurs, absorbent surfaces expand allowing the soot, carbon and odours to enter. Once the surface begins to cool, the pores will then close, trapping in the soot and odours. If the removal and cleaning of this fire damage is not carried out correctly, when the air temperature rises, this soot and odour can migrate back to the surface, released through the open pores.

Smoke from fires often travels from hot and cold areas, high pressure areas to low pressure areas meaning the resulting soot damage often spreads far from where the initial fire began, increasing the area that needs to be cleaned.

The founder of BWH is a serving On Call Firefighter and fully understands the different types of fires and the resulting detrimental effects.  This gives us the knowledge to deal with fire damage in a way that helps to prevent any further damage being caused and fully restores your buildings and equipment to an acceptable state ready for restoration and redecoration.