End of tenancy and house moving cleaning

Moving can be stressful and if you're a tenant especially so. You know that your deposit is riding on everything being left spick and span when the landlord comes to do a moving out inspection. Many tenants neglect their end of tenancy cleaning for a number of reasons but we've found that it's mainly because they think it will be too difficult or will cost a lot. Cleaning the whole place by yourself can be difficult and most people find an excuse not to do it.

The good news is that's where we come in with our professional cleaning services in Surrey, Hampshire and London. You don't need to worry about the landlord withholding some or all of your deposit or forking out a small fortune for professional end of tenancy cleaning.

Our fully trained and insured professional cleaning team get the best possible results in your property at very competitive prices. We try to save your time and money, leaving everybody happy.  And don;t forget to offset the cost of cleaning against the possibility of the landlord holding on to some of your deposit.  Also if you've spilled something on the carpet or on the upholstery we offer a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service too.

We guarantee our cleaning services, and we are more than happy to do a re-clean if needed. We clear all the rubbish into bags ready for disposal. Our move out cleaners focus on every single detail needed for a really good moving out cleaning cleaning service.

Our cleaning prices are completely transparent. It doesn’t matter how long the cleaning takes, we will complete it quickly and efficiently.

BWH Cleaning Group is professional cleaning company with years of experience in end of tenancy cleaning and professional domestic house cleaning  in Surrey, Hampshire and London.

Our Service is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. We strongly believe that our prices are affordable and can adapt to the budget of every household!   We pay for our vehicles parking and congestion charges and we are flexible with start and finish times.  Feel free to check our end of tenancy cleaning reviews.


So what do you get with our end of tenancy cleaning service?

We cover all the areas in the Property Inc Kitchen, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Living Room, Hallway, Landings and Stairs.

  • Kitchen Cleaning – We clean everything top to bottom in the kitchen, Focusing primarily on the Grease and Baked on Grime in the Oven and on the Extractor fan. We use steam cleaning methods on the oven as it is the best way to remove the grease and grime, also it kills all bacteria.  All the draws and cupboards, the Utensils and appliances are also cleaned, then mop the floors and wipe down all the work surfaces.

  • Bathroom Cleaning – The bathroom is probably the most used room in the household, and because of the use of water, bacteria can thrive here. We disinfect everything, using the correct chemicals and steam cleaning method in our end of tenancy cleaning service. steam cleaning is the best way to kill all bacteria leaving the bathroom germ free which helps prevent illnesses. We use only the best chemicals on the market so limescale and water residue is not a problem for us, we will leave taps and fittings shining

  • Living Room Cleaning – This is the room where everybody in the property gathers, whether it be to play games, dine, watch TV, or just a place to gather and socialise. Our services here include carpet and upholstery cleaning (as an additional service), hoovering all soft furnishing, polishing any hard furniture, cleaning the windows and polishing any Hard floors that you may have.

  • Bedroom Cleaning – Most Bedrooms are only used at night, this allows all day for dust particles to settle, then when you go to bed you disturb these particles and they become airborne, as you sleep, you inhale these particles which can cause allergies. We will thoroughly clean the bedroom leaving a safe environment for you to sleep in. We will wipe the walls free of cobwebs and dust, clean the windows, polish the wardrobes, bedside cabinets, vacuum the carpet and curtains.
  • Hallway, Stairs & Landing Cleaning – These areas are always in use, high traffic dust and dirt will gather here more than anywhere else in the property. We hoover or mop these areas very thoroughly and wipe down the walls, sockets, switches. Ensuring that the first impression when entering the property is a good clean one.

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