We've built quite a reputation...

We've been providing quality commercial cleaning services for years all over Surrey and South London to business of all sizes.  In that time we've learned a lot, including how important it is to listen and establish the individual needs of your particular business.  One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to providing first class cleaning.  Quality, consistency and reliability are the cornerstones of what do.

BWH Cleaning Group provides a wide range of cost effective cleaning services for companies of all sizes across Surrey and surrounding areas.  Whether it is daily office cleaning, nightclub and hospital cleaning, restaurant or hotel cleaning, we have an award-winning and proven track record in providing quality, reliable services to businesses all over Surrey and London.

Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

A clean office ensures happy customers & productive staff

Education Cleaning

Education Cleaning

We recognise the issues nurseries can have with the standard of cleaning and how this can affect Ofsted scoring

Hotel Cleaning

Hotel Cleaning & Housekeeping

We understand the importance your guests place on on the cleanliness & hygiene of your hotel

Retail Cleaning

Retail Cleaning

We realise the importance of a clean and smart environment for your customers. you can be confident that our highly skilled staff will provide an efficient and quality service for your business.

Fitness Club Cleaning

Health & Fitness Club Cleaning

Cleaning health clubs is a real speciality of ours

Medical Cleaning

CQC Medical Cleaning

We provide cleaning services to medical centres, dentists, veterinary centres, GP's and clinics