Pigeon or bird droppings cannot only be a nasty sight, but also a danger to the health of the public. At BWH Group we provide a pigeon droppings or bird guano clean up with the most efficient methods. With our decontamination and disinfection service for both commercial and domestic customers, we can provide our services to ensure affected spaces are as clean as possible throughout the UK.

Although you may think that anybody can safely clean up pigeon or bird droppings, just picking up a broom and sweeping the droppings into a dustpan is the wrong way to accomplish this job.

By dry sweeping the droppings, this causes dust and as such the droppings can become airborne and be ingested through your nose and mouth. This is dangerous because bird droppings often carry a virus called "encephalitis" which is inflammation of the brain. It can be a life-threatening condition and that is why it is important you invest in a cleaning service that can deal with the droppings safely and with minimal hassle.

We’ll use our expertise to remove the bird droppings as safely as possible. With a task such as this it is best suited to professional cleaning and that’s where we can help. 

For more information regarding our pigeon droppings and bird guano clean up, decontamination and disinfection service, please contact us.